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    Synchronization (A2K)

    I have taken over a project that is {supposed to be} synchronizing databases automatically using Microsoft's Synch Mgr. They are failing. Many are taking place across lines to distant cities, so I tried isolating my problem by copying several replicas to my local (C drive and synching them manually from there. That failed as well. All I get is a failure notice with no explanation of what caused it. What can I do to try to figure out what is causing the problem?

    Dale Napier

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    Re: Synchronization (A2K)

    Are any of your synchronizations working? If not, you may have a corruption issue, or serious unresolved conflicts. Unfortunately, replication is not a subject for the faint of heart, and troubleshooting it is not much fun. We have a tutorial on our web site that lists links to a number of articles on replication, how it works and so on, as well as how to get further details on specific problems from the MS Knowledge Base. Note that you cannot simply move a replica to a different folder (or hard drive) and expect it to synchronize successfully - you need to create a new replica and try synching it.

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