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Thread: LAN's (xpp)

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    LAN's (xpp)

    I have a 2 computer lan on workgroup jnet. The two computers are called TCPU AND MCPU. When I display network places,view workgroup computers, both show up ok. When I double click MCPU from TCPU,(or vise versa) it gives me a connecting to MCPU window asking for user name and password. I have no idea what to put in there. Both computers have only 1 account, and it is the administrator account. I don't have to type in a password to log on. The only password we've ever put in was the admistrator's pwd when we installed the os.
    Can anyone help? Many Thanks!!

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    Re: LAN's (xpp)

    For starters, try going in to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Local Security Policy. There is a line, shown in the attachment to allow "non-password" connections. You may have to disable it as I did.

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