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    ASP page not displaying in Browser

    I have created a few ASP pages in Vis InterDev 6.0, running on a Win 2k Prof machine. They are in a project on my local Web Server (IIS).

    When I go to display the pages, I don't get the page in a browser (IE 5.5), but rather the prompt to choose whether to Open from current location or save to disk.

    I thought I had the Web Server configured properly, the folders are marked as Executable. But I can't seem to find why the pages won't display in my Browser.

    Any thoughts?


    Rich P.

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    Re: ASP page not displaying in Browser

    To test whether it's the server, add this to the top of one of your pages:

    <% Response.ContentType = "txt/html" %>

    This is the normal default, so if this works, then your default is funky.

    If it doesn't work, check the File Types associates on the PC to see if there's anything odd there.

    Windows Explorer > Folder Options... > File Types tab > ASP (should open with IE)

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