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    Convert 35mm negative to Digital

    Are there any devices for converting 35mm negatives to Digital? (Don't really want to do it with a scanner)

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    Re: Convert 35mm negative to Digital

    You don't want to use a flatbed scaner or you don't want to use a negative scanner?

    I bought the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III, just under $300, for negative scanning. It seems to work reasonably well on some pictures, less well on others (lots of digital noise). The software has some advanced features that might help, but I've set the whole project aside for a while until I've completed a Photoshop Elements tutorial and better understand how digital darkrooms are supposed to work.

    For slides, people with digital cameras with good macro focus often simply photograph them. But for negative film, the coloration is tricky, so specialized software probably could do a better job. You could get the negatives scanned to PhotoCD at a local service place. I have no idea what that costs.

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