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    Repairing Corrupt Tables Access 2000 (Office/Access 2000 SP1A)

    I have an Access 2000 database in which three tables, though still functioning, are suspect.
    The main one of these is not repaired by the Compact and Repair technique, nor can I get JetComp to work either (ever).
    It can't be exported nor imported to another Access database without the message " you are attempting to change data at the same
    time as another user" etc. It DOES contain an important memo field (all my correspondence).
    Though functioning at the moment, I know it is not healthy and I feel disaster is in the air.
    Is there some way to clean up the bad records or otherwise repair this table?
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Re: Repairing Corrupt Tables Access 2000 (Office/Access 2000 SP1A)

    Problems I have had in the past with memo fields.
    If you can open up the table and see the error records and take a note of these, then copy all the other records via an append query or cut and paste into a new table.
    You will obviously lose some records, better some than all.

    Other than that, sorry I don't have a solution.

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