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    Drop down text (xp)

    Is there an easy way to create drop down option lists in a word document so that a child could select different words from a list.

    Eg. In the sentence "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog", when the word brown is clicked a dropdown list with other colours is displayed.

    All suggestions gratefully received.

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    Re: Drop down text (xp)

    You can create a dropdown list using the Forms toolbar. You must protect the document for forms, or at least the section containing the dropdown list, to be able to use the dropdown list.

    Right click any toolbar and select Forms from the popup menu.
    Click the dropdown list icon. A gray rectangle will appear in the document.
    Double click the gray rectangle to edit it.
    Type an item, then press Enter or click Add.
    Repeat until you have entered all items, then click OK.
    Click the Protect Form button on the toolbar (the lock).
    Now, you can test the dropdown list.
    Click the Protect Form button again to unlock the document.

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