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    One MDW File (Access 2000 SR-1)

    I made the mistake of making several MDW files for my company because there were only a few databases that needed security. Now I want to create a new one with all the employees in there. Is there a way for me to import from a spreadsheet, the person's name? There are over 300 employees.



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    Re: One MDW File (Access 2000 SR-1)

    Not without lots (and lots) of work. You can manipulate the security model in code, so you could write code to extract all of the user info out of each of the different .MDW files and stick it in a table, spreadsheet or what ever. Then you would have to write code to create new users from that data into the new .MDW file. In addition, if you want to make sure that you can switch to the new .MDW file and have user's inherit the same priviledges they had, you need to make certain that the Personal ID is the same as they had in the old MDW file. The question is, is that worth while as opposed to typing in 300 names?

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