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    Updating link (Words 97)

    I've a template that is saved under Words as well as Excel. The one under Excel is my working copy. Whenever I've updated figures in the Excel worksheet, I'd copy all the figures to Words manually. If there any methods (eg automatic link) that I can used so that whenever I update the figures in Excel, the figures in Words will be updated automatically or vice versa?

    One more thing is that in one of the columns under my Excel file, I've input a formula to the the arrow key. If the figures is positive, it will show a up arrow key. Will this arrow key be updated automatically (in excel & words) if I change the figures in my Words document.

    Can someone please show me the all the steps relating to my queries.

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    Re: Updating link (Words 97)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by macropod on 03-May-03 16:55. Clarification for minor differences between stand-alone and embedded workbooks)</P>Hi,

    To have one workbook updated by another takes no more than an external link reference. To do this, open both workbooks.
    . If you're talking about a stand-alone workbook, you might need to re-name the target one first, so that they don't both have the same name
    . If you're talking about workbook embedded in a Word document, open both the embedded workbook and the source workbook
    Then, in your target/embedded workbook, select cell A1 and type an '=' symbol. Now, without leaving that cell, select the source workbook, then cell A1 there and press <Enter>.

    In your target workbook you should now have a formula that looks like:
    Delete the $ symbols, so that you get something like:

    Copy the modified formula to every cell in your target/embedded workbook that you want to have updated by a change in the corresponding cell in to source workbook. If the workbooks don't have exactly the same layout, you'll need to adjust the cell references to suit.

    Close the source workbook, then save and close the target workbook (or close the embedded workbook and save the document) and you're done.


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    Re: Updating link (Words 97)

    There are two other methods that you can use if you want to update a Word table based on changes to an Excel spreadsheet.
    Method 1:
    1. Select the spreadsheet table in Excel.
    2. Open Word & choose Edit/Paste Special...
    3. When the dialog box opens, click the Past link button, then press OK.

    This linked field will update automatically when the Excel spreadsheet is updated (because if you press Alt+F9 to see the field codes, you will see a "a" switch, which automatically updates this field.

    Method 2:
    1. Open your Word document.
    2. Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field braces.
    3. Use the following syntax:
    { includetext "DriveNameFilePathFileName.xls" }
    Note that you must use double backslashes between each folder name & the filename. You should also enclose the whole path in quotes in case there are spaces in your filepath.

    I don't know the answer to your Excel question regarding the arrow key.


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