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    Re: Date Calculations in Word (2.40)

    The calculations have nothing to do with the ordinal switch; that merely controls the formatting. If you want the next day every time you print the document, you'll have to use the fields that macropod put in his date calculation document. You will find it in his document under "Calculate a day, date, month and year, using n (301) days delay". You can copy the nested field into your document template, view field codes (Alt+F9), change the 301 to 1, change the word "Date" to "PrintDate".

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    Date Calculations in Word (2.70)

    Attached is a zipped Word file I've put together showing how to do date & time calculations using fields in Word.

    Topics covered include:
    . Date & Time Field Basics
    . Converting between Gregorian Calendar Dates, Julian Calendar Dates and Julian Day Numbers
    . Converting Between Dates and Days of The Year
    . Automatically Insert A Past Or Future Date, Adjusted By +/- A Number Of Days, Weeks etc,
    . Dealing with Weekends and Holidays in Calculated Dates
    . Interactively Calculate A Past Or Future Date
    . Date and Time Calculations In a Mailmerge or a Word Form
    . Date and Time Calculations In a Table
    . Express Today's Date In Fiscal Year Terms
    . Calculate the # Days Difference Between Two Dates
    . Calculate the # Years Months & Days Difference Between Two Dates
    . Calculate Whether a Period Has Elapsed
    . Interactively Calculate a Person's Age
    . Calculate a Stepped Date
    . Calculate a Stepped Date Range
    . Calculate a Date Sequence
    . Calculate Dates of Easter
    . Use Date (and/or Time) Comparisons to Vary Text
    . Converting Numeric Date Strings into Word Date Formats
    . Importing Date and Time Values from Excel and Access
    . Add or Subtract Two Time Periods
    . Calculate a Past or Future Time of Day
    . Calculate a Future Date & Time

    Feedback welcome.

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