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    Re: PaneKiller

    Thanks a lot for this neat app and many in the past. Please keep them coming--they're always very worthwhile and ones I would probably never find--and enhance Windows a bunch. I couldn't make your links work--maybe they changed the url or it you had two "http's" in it--or it's my browser, but I found MaddoG Software
    PaneKiller andTips, Tricks and Non-Obvious Features and some other nice apps here.


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    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by TimOz on 06-May-03 12:16. Fixed the links - thanks SMBP (I double-check them 99% of the time),)</P> PaneKiller from MaDdoG Software is a very effective menu utility. It's shareware (USD10) and the unregistered version is fully functional except for self promotion. I've tried it for a few days now, and it looks like I'll have to register. I especially like it's ability to expand folder shortcuts! Officially it runs under 9X, ME, NT & 2K, so I need a bit more time to reassure myself about it's stability under XP (so far so good).

    From the horse's mouth:
    <hr> PaneKiller is a Windows navigation utility that will help you get to your documents and applications faster than ever before.

    PaneKiller gives you easy, configurable, menu-like access to the Desktop, My Computer, Control Panels, your hard drives... to every document and application available on your computer, all from the Windows taskbar.

    It's just as easy to use as the Start Menu, but much more flexible and customizable. In fact, you can even use PaneKiller as the Start menu, and you'll never have to go without its enhancements! <hr>
    (This may have appeared here before, but with Search mia I couldn't check, so apologies for any duplication.)
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