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    Re: Chinese characters (EXCEL 97/2000)

    I think This page might be of interest.
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    Chinese characters (EXCEL 97/2000)

    Seems solved already... did play around some more and found (after copy & paste in email, where chinese characters did re-appear...) that the font seemed to be MS-Hei. I then formatted the original EXCEL-cells like that and voila... the chinese characters appeared!


    I have a colleague who is using EXCEL97 in Windows98. He is compiling information from various locations over the world in various sheets. One of the sheets needs to contain Chinese information. The problem is that we like this to actually DISPLAY in Chinese characters on our (English) systems as well (so it is readable for Chinese colleagues). I am not sure but don't believe this would be a simple font-issue (now we see mostly unprintable ASCII 'garbage').

    Any suggestions on how we could address this?


    Erik Jan

    PS. I realize this is probably more of a Windows(98) issue, however I chose to post it here as the application in which it should eventually function is EXCEL(97). If all feel this is not related to EXCEL, please move this to the Windows98 thread.

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