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    Company Name in "Properties"

    This question pertains to Excel 97, SR-2. My PC came from Dell with Office already loaded. When I save a file, the information in the "File | Properties | Summary | Company" field says "Dell Computer Corporation." Of course, I don't work for Dell, and would like it to reflect my own company's name instead. But I can't find any way to change that, as if it can only be specified during installation. Anybody know how to change it?

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    Re: Company Name in "Properties"

    The only thing I can think of is to run regedit and change all the values that match "Dell Computer Corporation" to your company name.

    You will want to back up the registy before you do this, (also done in regedit.)

    Office 97 also has an entry in the Add/Remove Programs Properties in the Control Panel, perhaps you can 'Reinstall' to record the proper information, however I believe this is a System Setting, and should be changed in the registry.

    Any other insights on this?
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    Re: Company Name in "Properties"

    You might like to check out the Word forum where a thread concerning Company Name has been going on . However, the good news is that in Excel the problem is easier to fix. You need to create a default template and in that go to File, Properties and change the company name to suit, and the user name (probably Preferred Customer).

    Save the workbook as Book.xlt, making sure you select XL Template in the Save as type Dropdown, and save in your XLStart directory. You can set whatever other default preferrences that you would like while you are at it.

    Andrew C

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