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    Link Excel document to Words and vice versa (97)

    I'm linking some Excel worksheets(source document) to Words. When I make any changes to the figures in Excel, the figures will be automatically updated in Words.

    When I try to make some changes in Words, the Excel worksheet will "pop" out when I double click on the Words document (however it will prompt me an error message if the source document is not stored in my PC). Is there any way where I can make changes in Words & the changes will be automatically updated in Excel and vice versa?

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    Re: Link Excel document to Words and vice versa (97)

    A link is always one way - from source to target. If you paste link an Excel table or chart into a Word document, Excel is the source and Word is the target. Changes in the Excel source will be reflected in the Word target, but not vice versa. Even though you can see the data in Word, they are still Excel data that must be edited in Excel.

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