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    Form Template (Office 2000)


    I have a question that I was hoping somebody could answer or lead me in the right direction.

    I mainly us Access and Excel but I do use Word in a very limited capacity. My wife fills in a pre-printed form each day at her job using a typewriter (it's just an order form with billing address, shipping address, part numbers, price, etc..).

    If possible I would like to set it up where she can enter in the information in Word where it is checking required fields and with drop down boxes, etc..
    Then when she wants to print she can put in the pre-printed paper that she now types on and it will print in the correct spots on the paper.

    Can this be done? Thanks for all of your help.


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    Re: Form Template (Office 2000)

    You can use Form Fields for this. To insert them in a document, display the Forms toolbar. You can create text fields, dropdown lists and check boxes. Once you have inserted a form field, you can double click it to set its properties.

    When you have finished designing the form, you must protect the document for forms; there is a "Lock" button on the Forms toolbar for that. After that, you can't edit the "normal" text in the document any more, only the form fields.

    When you want to print the document, select File | Print..., then click Options. You'll see a check box to specify that you only want the form data to be printed.

    Note: if you save the form as a template, you can create a new copy by selecting the template in File | New...

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    Re: Form Template (Office 2000)

    > Then when she wants to print she can put in the pre-printed paper that she now types on and
    > it will print in the correct spots on the paper.

    You can position snippets of text to print properly on a form using several different techniques.

    The oldest and probably the most cranky is the { ADVANCE } field. This will literally push text up or down a certain number of points for the text that follows the field. The second oldest and maybe the easiest to use is the Frame. The most recent is the TextBox. The difference between these two is not obvious, but here is my understanding: a frame is a code that you attach to one or more paragraphs in your document that repositions them on a page, while a textbox is a container that behaves like part of a drawing: it is "anchored" to text in your document, but exists in a separate layer. (If you create one of each and switch to Normal view, the framed text will be there, but the text in the TextBox will not be visible.)

    Given the choice, I would use frames. The easiest way is to type the paragraph, select it, and choose Insert>Frame. If this is not on the menu (I think Word 2000 does not have this item "out of the box"), you can add it using Tools>Customize...>Commands>All Commands and dragging InsertFrame to the menu.

    You use Format>Frame... to set the position of the paragraph(s), and Format>Borders and Shading... to get rid of the border.

    Hmmm, on second thought, it might be more efficient to create one frame with the desired formatting/borders, and then copy/paste it several times rather than repeatedly inserting new ones.

    Addendum: I just noticed that the InsertFrame button appears on the Forms toolbar, so you can use it without having to add it to the menu if you like.

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