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    Getting Info from different Tables (2000)

    I was ondering the easiest way to do the following: I have multiple tables that hold various equipment info. Everything is tied to a phone extension(not primary key). One table has the persons name that resides @ that ext. When I run queries for reports on say computers I would like it to display the name of that person along with some other info. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Getting Info from different Tables (2000)

    You can add the phone/person table to the query (for example for computers). Join the tables on phone extension, then double click the join and select the option to return all records from the computers (or whatever) table.Add the person's name to the query grid.
    If the phone extension is not the primary key in the phone/person table, the query I describe here will not be updateable. For a report, that shouldn't be a problem.

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