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    Changing signatures (Outlook 2002 WIN XP PRO)

    As a result of an Outlook problem which my IT people tells me requires Outlook to be re-installed (and they can't have my computer for a couple of days as I'm flat out just now), I'm using Rich Text instead of Word as my Email Editor. I've used the latter happily for some time now even though many Loungers don't like it. However, I have three signatures set up and using Word I was able to right click on the default, and choose either of the other two. I can't do this with Rich text and I wonder if there is an easier way than deleting the default, choosing insert and clicking on the appropriate signature.

    Appreciate any help because it's driving me mad.

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    Re: Changing signatures (Outlook 2002 WIN XP PRO)

    You could turn off the default (in OL2K it's in Tools | Options
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