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    Personalising Group E-mails.


    I was wondering if someone can help me, we are currently using Outlook Express Version 5. My Managing Director has asked me if there is anyway that we can set up, either in or in conjunction with e-mail a system which (I'm not quite sure how to explain it) allows for even Group e-mails to be personalised. I.E. If we have a group of say 200 clients to whom we want to send a newsletter, instead of having the group name or everybodys name in the address panel, only their name will appear. Without us having to re-address everyone separately. I would be grateful for any advice concerning this matter, inc best software use. Oh maybe I should have mentioned before, we are MAC based.

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    Re: Personalising Group E-mails.

    do a mail merge - look for the option in your word processing software. if it won't merge to OE, then look for commercial (or shareware) mail merge programs. I know some exist for PCs but i'm not familar at all with Mac.

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