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    Compact error (2000)

    We have a large database of over a million records. Due to a server problem the database was not closed probably on numerous occasions during write procedures. We deceided to compact and repair it. That finished OK but we had a new table labelled MsysCompactError. In this there were 2 entries with a 1605 erorr saying 'Could not find field 'Description'. The affected table does not have a field called description. Also we noticed the table had the primary key and 2 indexes removed. Consequently we went back to the copy we made before compacting as we don't know what other problems may have occured. I have tried to find this type of error in the knowledge base but with no luck. Can any one offer any ideas as to why this occured.

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    Re: Compact error (2000)

    'Description' probably refers to one of the internal properties of the table. Apparently, one or more fields in the table had become corrupt; indexes on these fields probably also became corrupt.

    You can download a stand-alone compact utility from <!mskb=273956>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 273956<!/mskb>. The download comes with a Word document that gives some background about compact errors.

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