After a lot of troubleshooting, my computer's microphone behaves strangely and the OEM's tech support says I need to reinstall Windows2000. Sounds fishy to me, and I wanted to see what this forum thought before I go through that hassle. It's an OEM installation of Windows2000 on a 933 Pentium III machine. All sounds picked up by the microphone are broadcast from the computer's speakers, but the microphone does not function in any other way -- i.e. sound recorder and phone dialer do not work at all with the microphone. The sound recorder does, on the other hand, play .wav and other sound files, and the phone dialer will access the modem and dial as instructed. It's just that the only thing the mic does is pick up feedback from the speakers. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Windows Accessories (had to edit sysoc.inf to do so). Also tried a new mic. OEM says to reinstall Windows. Can this be right?