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    Outlook 2000 Address Book (Outlook 2000/XP)

    When you click on the address book it displays Name, Display Name, EMail Address. Included with the display name is the fax of that particular contact. I know it can be deleted from the address book however the information also deletes from their contact card. I cannot find any customization options for this area. Is there any way to remove the fax portion from displaying in the address book?


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    Re: Outlook 2000 Address Book (Outlook 2000/XP)

    No, you cannot customise or control this. For every valid address that Outlook detects in the "card" it will create an entry in the "book". The workaround is to not let it detect anything: either
    (a) hold the Fax number manually outside a "Fax" field (ie. in the notes area), or
    ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] append a string at the start of the number - one of the common solutions to this is to append "Fax: " before the number - humans who see it know it is a fax number, but Outlook doesn't, so the annoying extra entries don't appear. For a tool that can do this for you, see (listed on

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