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    Query output (AXP)

    Hello All,
    I know this may be a simple question........ How do you determine the number of records output from a query? I am using VBA code to run a simple query on a table: strSource = "Select * from badges where badge_id = [Enter Badge ID]"

    I want to determine if strsource has a record or not. How would I do that?


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    Re: Query output (AXP)

    Your SQL string looks as if it has a parameter [Enter Badge ID]. That is not ideal in VBA - when you try to get the record count, you must supply the parameter. It's best to get the parameter before running the code, for example from a text box on a form.

    One way to do it is to use DCount, but that doesn't use the exact source string

    DCount("*", "Badges", "Badge_ID = " & Forms!frmSomething!txtID)

    Another way is to open a recordset:

    Dim strSource As String
    Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection
    Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset
    Set cnn = CurrentProject.Connection
    strSource = "Select * from badges where badge_id = " & Forms!frmSomething!txtID
    rst.Open strSource, cnn, adOpenStatic
    MsgBox rst.RecordCount
    Set rst = Nothing
    Set cnn = Nothing

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