Just added a second Dell desktop XP Pro to a peer to peer network that has a mixture of XP Pro, Win98 and Win95 PCs. The first XP has a shared printer that only some of the users can access. All the Win95 PCs can connect to that printer, but only some of the Win 98s can. All use TCP/IP. I posted that problem a few months ago and was never able to resolve it. The only Win98 user who couldn't connect was connected to another shared printer (on a Win98 PC) as a workaround.
We are now in the process of replacing the Win95 PCs with XP Pro. Guess what happened. The new XP and the old XP cannot connect. The Guest account is enabled on both. Both computers are listed in each other's Show Workgroup Computers, but when you click on the icon each displays the error message: "You don't have permission to connect... Logon Failed...
Jeff's Win95 PC that connects to old XP cannot connect to new XP. It is prompted for the IPC$ password. With the Guest account enabled, shouldn't it be able to
A little more info: The network is using a Verizon/Westell DSL modem configured as a router for Internet sharing. It is also a DHCP server. One colleague has suggested we disable DHCP and use static IP addresses. I'll try that after I hear from this forum.
Thanks for your help.