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    Unhide Rows/Cols (2000)

    a tip I discovered for unhiding rows or cols using the mouse. May have been submitted before but can't use Search to find out since Search is "hidden" from us for now. (In fact, I think I submitted a tip about 3-4 months ago that's a little different from this.)

    Excel allows one to use the mouse to resize rows/cols. Just move the mouse to the line dividing the col letters or the row numbers. The mouse changes to a solid bar with arrows going up/down (resize rows) or left/right (resize cols). Now just click and drag. See a picture of this in the zipped file attached here in the file "Resize Row.jpg". This is no different than the mouse shape for resizing a window.

    However, if there is a hidden row or col next to where you move the mouse, be careful. Suppose you move the mouse to the border between the 4 and 8 in the "Resize Row.jpg" file. Now move it a little bit down. The mouse shape changes to a different but similar shape. See the file "Unhide Hidden Rows.jpg". When you click and drag now, you are unhiding the rows in this case.

    If it is cols A and B (or rows 1, 2,...) that are hidden, the mouse shape in the above para also applies. See file "Unhide hidden Cols.jpg".

    It can be a pain to unhide rows or cols that are at the beginning of the sheet (ie, cols A, B, C...; rows 1, 2, 3...) since one usually thinks of having to select rows or cols surrounding the hidden rows or cols. For rows or cols at the beginning of the sheet, this can be hard.

    One thing I haven't gotten a handle on yet is when multiple cols or rows are hidden, sometimes dragging the "unhide" mouse shape unhides 1 of the cols or rows (and you repeat the process) and sometimes it unhides all of them. Best left to another time to figure out.


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    Re: Unhide Rows/Cols (2000)

    If you need to unhide ALL hidden rows or ALL hidden columns in a worksheet, take these steps:
    Press Ctrl+a to select the entire worksheet
    Double-click any column boundary (between column letters, not on cell boundaries) to reveal all hidden columns
    Double-click any row boundary (between row numbers, not on cell boundaries) to reveal all hidden rows
    Each column is now a "best-fit" - just wide enough to handle the widest column entry
    Each row is also a "best-fit" - just tall enough to handle the tallest row entry

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