As indicated in <!post=this post,250092>this post<!/post>, the lounge has become too popular to remain in it's current location, it is putting a huge strain on the server. We are currently looking for alternative solutions, but, chances are that the lounge may need to move to another domain. This would mean that all loungers will lose the lounge cookies.

As a direct consequence, the first time you log into the lounge in its new location, <big><big>you will be asked for your username and password.</big></big>

I get some 20 to 30 emails a day from people requesting their username and / or password. For privacy reasons, not even I have access to user passwords. They (the passwords) are stored in an encrypted form. There is a password recovery system, however, that means you need to know your username, and, your email address supplied to the lounge must be current and correct.

Could all loungers please check their profile and ensure that the email is correct and also ensure that you know your password. Questions or comments can be posted in this thread