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    Winamp Shortcuts

    Maybe these have been known by everyone for a long time, but- gee! How I wish I'd come up with 'em earlier.

    I happened to right-click on the "Add" button on the lower left corner, and to my surprise a context menu displayed (see attached). The new thing here was that it showed the shortcut for each function. To wit:

    Add File(s): L
    Add Directory: Shift + L
    Add Location: Ctrl + L

    Obviously, I tried right-clicking on the other buttons to the right of "Add". I'll put the results altogether to cut it short:

    Crop Selected: Ctrl + Delete
    Clear Playlist: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
    Remove all dead files: Alt + Delete
    Select All: Ctrl + Alt + A
    Invert Selection: Ctrl + I
    File Info: Alt + 3
    Playlist Entry: Ctrl + E
    Reverse List: Ctrl + R
    Generate HTML playlist: Ctrl + Alt + G
    Read Extended Info on Selection: Ctrl + Alt + E

    Not to mention the all-time classics:
    Play: X
    Stop: V
    Pause / Unpause: C
    Previous: Z
    Next: B

    Still I couldn't find the link to Randomize List. If anyone knows how to pull it off from the keyboard, please drop a line <img src=/S/crazy.gif border=0 alt=crazy width=15 height=15>
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