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    Conditional Page Breaks

    I have a report for which I want to force a page break when the contents of a specific field in the detail portion of the report changes. I've searched MSDN and the Access97 help and am struggling to do this. I know I need to put a page break control somewhere and need to set/reset it in the header/detail portions via event procedures, but how do I detect hat the contents of the control that triggers the page break has changed? Is there a statement similar to the following that would accomplish this?

    If Me![control].changed then
    pagebreak.visible = true
    end if

    I know that .changed is not valid snytax. Can anyone explain how I should do this? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Conditional Page Breaks

    You could easily set a grouping on that field and include a header for it with zero height and no controls. If you set the Force New Page property of that group to Before Section, it will automatically force a page break when the value of the field that defines the group changes.

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