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    Outlook 2000 and Office 97 (Outlook 2000)

    Is Outlook 2000 compatible with Office 97? I want to upgrade from Outlook 98 so that I can run some spam killers. Can I do it? I'm running Windows 98 and Office 97.

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    Re: Outlook 2000 and Office 97 (Outlook 2000)

    You want to keep all of Office 97, but install Outlook 2000 in place of Outlook 97/98? I think this is possible, but I've never had to do it. MS might have some advice on this on its web site, or you might find it among the various "multiple versions of Office" posts on the Lounge's General Office Solutions board.

    But... Outlook 2000 is not a free upgrade; you might be better off migrating to Office 2000 completely unless you're in a volume licensing program that lets you get just Outlook.

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