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    User Level Security (Access 97)


    I have put together a magnificent database to record our company

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    Re: User Level Security (Access 97)

    Setting user-level security does not mean that you can login with your network user name and password, unless you have explicitly created a user with that name and password in Access.

    You will need to create new users and/or groups. At the least, you will need to create a new owner of the database (a user that has maximum rights) and a new standard user. Then, you must remove the Admin user from the Admins group and strip it of all its rights.

    You shouldn't join the secured .mdw. Instead, start the database using a shortcut that opens the database together with the secured workgroup file.

    It would lead too far to go into details here. I suggest that you visit Access moderator <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile>'s site and look up his tutorial on security. There is a link to his website in his profile; look for Support, then Tutorials. At the end of the tutorial, you'll find many links to useful other information - I recommend the Security FAQ (the first link).

    (P.S. Woody rarely answers questions himself; he keeps an eye on the Lounge, but is not actively involved in replying)

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