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    indexes in footnotes (Word 2000)

    Need some help. I've had to rebuild my database of helpful hints. When doing indexing, if one takes the option to "mark all " indexes, it will highlight and index a word or phrase even if that word or phrase appears in a footnote. I want to index the text but not the footnotes. Someone once indicated a shortcut on how to erase such indexed footnotes. Can someone repoint me to such help? Thanks.

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    Re: indexes in footnotes (Word 2000)

    Hi Ron:

    1. Change the view to normal view & make sure that hidden text is showing (the show/hide button on the toolbar).
    2. Show the footnotes pane. (Alt,V,F)
    3. Select all the footnotes from this pane.
    4. Bring up the Find/Replace dialog box (Ctrl+H)

    Without wildcards
    Find: ^19 this finds the opening field brace & selects the entire field
    Replace: leave blank & click Replace All.

    This will remove all the index fields in the footnotes.
    5. Update your index by selecting it & pressing F9

    In the future, before you mark your index entries, you can switch to normal view, select everything in your footnote pane & make it hidden. Then when you mark all your entries, the hidden text is not marked. You can then unhide everything in the footnote pane & THEN create your index.


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