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    Tim Bailey

    Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Work

    I recently purchased a new OEM computer. I am running Windows 98 SE and Office 2000 on a machine with an Athlon 1000. I have an IBM Rapid Response keyboard. When I hit Ctrl+home, the Find and Replace dialog box pops up, rather than taking me back to the beginning of the document. When I press the "home" key to go to the beginning of the line, nothing happens. When I select text and press the "delete" key, I get a message at the bottom of the Word window asking whether I want to block delete. I have to choose No, then hit enter, before the selected text will be deleted. These shortcuts only seem to be non-functional in Word 2000. Can anybody offer any sggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Work

    Rather than refer you to other posts that would tell you the same thing, give this a shot:
    Navigate to Tools / Options / General Tab.
    Uncheck the "Help for WordPerfect Users" option.
    That should take care of the difficulties you're experiencing.
    Good luck!

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    Re: Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Work

    As an additional note,

    Both WP options need to be turned off: WP Navigation and Help.

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    Tim Bailey

    Re: Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Work

    Thanks so much _ I had one of the Wordperfect options checked. After clearing it, everything seems to be OK. Thans again!

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