I have a Data Dictionary (Access Mdb), that houses all information, about all systems, within my company - as a user tool, I would like users to be able to understand the data models in use in the various systems - the reason (before Charlotte asks), is that we have a large user community who write ad-hoc SQL in SAS, and as such, they need to understand the data and the data models.

Because we are undergoing a major rebuild of our entire Core IT Platforms, the information in this database is constantly updated - as such, I can't draw data models in advance and bring them up as imagefiles.

What I would like to do, is use user input to inform access which system, and which hierarchie(s) the user wants to see, and then allow that to be built in Visio, and then displayed in access.

Has anybody done anything in this area?

Does anybody know of a good book that is dedicated to the Visio Object Model and VBA?

Many thanks