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    Legacy Drawing Application

    I was hoping somebody might remember or know some details on this oldie I dug up from the dungeon.

    It's a 16 bit app, designed to (I think) write .WMF files with the appropriate header information (Aldus standard) so that other apps of the time would see the metafiles as "placeable". Some apps of this vintage would not "accept" a .WMF unless it was recognizable as "placeable".

    Some may still find it useful now for copying drawings done in Word etc. and saving as .WMF graphics. These are, of course, genuinely scalable vector graphics, unlike .jpg, .gif etc.

    I'd really like to find out about its history, and why it didn't grow into anything more significant. All I seem to recall is that it was written by a couple of MS programmers on the weekend, to solve some sort of problem they were having. As such, it was "released" as free, unsupported software.

    anyone remember anything?

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