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    Previewing a file in a User Form

    Can anyone help please?

    Word 2000 - User Forms

    I need to preview an Office file in a control on a user form. I believe this was
    possible under Word Basic using a FilePreview control, which had to be added
    manually to the code generated using the Dialog Editor.

    The help file for Word 2000 informs that the FilePreview command has been
    replaced with the image control, but gives no advice on the exact syntax to
    load the preview into the control.

    What I'm trying to achieve is to preview templates and documents within a
    user form and then allow a certain degree of file/template management..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Previewing a file in a User Form


    I can't help with this. Just to say that we started along this way some years back (in Wordbasic). It worked OK when there were a few forms, and they were quite different- but once the list grew, it became unmanageable.

    We now use a "Dir" command to list all the templates in a directory, and display the full template names (without the ".dot" extension). This was hweaps easier in 32 bit Windows than when we started in win 3.1!
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