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    Passing data to email (2000)

    I'm using code in excel to send emails, and i'm having trouble passing the message body text into the email.

    <font color=blue>Dim sMessageBody As Worksheet </font color=blue> '/Holds the Message text. Also tried 'As Variant' and 'As Range'

    <font color=blue>sMessageBody = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Email") </font color=blue> ' .Range("A1:L23")

    The amount of information is variable, so it might be 8 rows, or 30 rows. If possible i would like to control the size and type of the font used as well..

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    Re: Passing data to email (2000)

    The body of an e-mail message is text, so you should declare sMessageBody as a string, not as a worksheet (or a range). You don't mention which e-mail system you are going to use, but in Outlook, the MailItem object has a property Body that can be used to specify plain text, and a property HTMLBody that can contain HTML text. You can't just assign a worksheet or range to the Body or HTMLBody property.
    If you want to include a range like A1:L23, it might be better to send the spreadsheet as attachment. That way, you wouldn't have to worry about the number of rows or columns either. Including a 12 column table with an unknown number of rows in the body of an e-mail is probably not very practicable.

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