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    Password Protected Word Document (2002)

    I have a user who created a document and said he didn't password protect the document; however, it's asking for a password to open it. I've tried opening the document as Word, WordPad, HTML, and am not having any luck. I've also tried to create a link to the document to see if I can then open as Microsoft said is a possibility, but to no avail. It won't print or view either. Anyone know how this could happen? Anyone know how I can get the text?

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    Re: Password Protected Word Document (2002)

    You can also try "Retrieve text from any document" as file type in the Open dialog box. Don't forget to set it to "All Word documents" or something like that next time you open a document.

    Otherwise, it shouldn't be too hard to "crack" the password. A Google search for word password crack (or "cracker" instead of "crack") should yield lots of hits, and perhaps another Lounger will offer to retrieve the text for you.

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