We have about 35 users in one of our offices, and each of the PCs on which the users work has a copy of MSO that was installed from a Mapped Drive.

After delving into Group Policy a bit, I noticed that we could publish/assign MSO to the Network, and any future installs on any new PCs or by any new users would be automated via GP. This was a disaster, as people who started or rebooted their PCs noticed that MSO was now no longer avaible. A Dialog just popped up that said it wasn't installed yet on this PC. No choice to start the install, etc.

In a hurry, I quickly removed it from Group Policy, but the damage was done for those people that had been unfortunate enough to start or reboot their PC in that 1-hour period after the GP had been implemented.

Now, although these have been removed from GP on all OUs for both User and Person, MSO continues to bring up this dialog whenever a person 'hot desks'. Even though the software is still installed via the Mapped Drive.

I have gone as far as deleting Roaming Profiles to try to purge this legacy, but it still haunts me/us.

How can I stop Windows/Office from trying to deploy this every time someone switches desks, uses a program they haven't used since this occurred, etc?

Can I delete the Files from the SYSVOL folder, which is where I presume these GP settings reside?

Any help or advise would be GREATLY appreciated. <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>