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    Adding times in excel (Excel 2002)

    When I try to add times in Excel - they add ok if I do: =g6+g7+g8 etc., but I get 00, when I do =sum(g6:g8). This appears to happen when my cells g6 - g8 have a formula that calculated the time e.g. =TEXT(E6-C6,"h:mm"). Is there some conversion I have to do to be able to sum an array vs. summing each cell separately? thanks.

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    Re: Adding times in excel (Excel 2002)

    The TEXT function returns - surprise - text, not a date/time value. The SUM function ignores text. If you want to perform calculations, don't use TEXT, but set the number format (Format | Cells..., Number tab). In your example, use a formula such as =E6-C6 in cell G6, and set the number format of cells G6:G8 to h:mm. Then, the SUM function should add the times correctly.

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