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    Paste Link (97)

    I'm using the paste link function (Microsoft Excel worksheet object) to link the table that I've created in Excel into Words. I've saved the file after aligning the table in Words to make it more presentable. But when I open the Words document the next time, the alignment that I've done previously is gone and I've to re-align the table again. Is there anyway that I can do to make sure that when I open my file subsequently, the alignment will be fixed (so that I don't have to re-align all my tables that are link to the Excel worksheet)?
    Hope to hear from you guys as soon as possible as I need to solve this for my reporting.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Paste Link (97)

    Did you turn off "Floating over Text" in the Paste Special dialog box? If not, it might be a good idea to right-click the Excel object, select Format Object..., activate the Position tab and uncheck "Floating over Text". This will make the Excel object into an inline object that conforms to the paragraphs settings.

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