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    Keeping Images with Document When Converting HTML (97)

    I have some HTML documents with lots of images that I want to convert to Word files, mainly for greater control when I print them. I can load them into Word and the images show normally. I can resize the images, insert page breaks and all that and save the document as Word files and everything looks normal. However, when I close the document and reopen it, the images are gone, all replaced with a three colored image I assume Word is using as a place holder. The file size is small enough that I figure Word did not embed the images with the files the way it does when you insert an image in a native Word document.

    There are so many images and so much text that I don't want to have to rebuild these files from scratch. Any suggestions on how to force Word to embed the images in these converted HTML files?

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Keeping Images with Document When Converting HTML (97)

    Not sure if this will work, but I'm thinking that the pictures are not truly embedded in the document (hyperlinked/linked)... click on the picture and perform Ctrl+Shift+F9... this will strip any field away from the picture and make the picture an object in your document. To ensure, press Alt+F9 to see all fields in your document and the picture should not show a field code. Alt+F9 again will toggle the field codes to be hidden... hope this helped...

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