All of a sudden (I don't know exactly when it kicked in, but it has to be new today) summoning the "Display Properties Dialogue Box" by a rt. click of the desktop or it's control panel applet brought up a box with an explanation point bubble saying "The System Administrator has disabled the display control panel." I'm the system administrator, and I haven't knowingly impacted this. I checked User Accounts and anything to do with it in Group Policy or the MMC and nothing different. I used Group Policy in the MMC ("gpedit.msc") at the run box, and at User ConfigAdministrative TemplatesControl PanelDisplayDesktop Themes where these items were not previously configured I disabled the 6 highlighted items corresponding to the tabs in the display properties box (because enabling them will force them not to run--disabling them forces them to run). It worked, and I suspect these settings will override what ever caused the box not to display and keep this from happening again. System restore back far enough to before this happened restored successfully, but didn't impact it, so I undid it.

I also suspect that I can control or fix this in a registry over-ride (if the cause doesn't change the registry setting that is) at:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVe rsionPoliciesSystemNoDispCPL and I also found at HKEY_CLASSES_Root Value Data "Display Control Panel html extensions" from Process Explorer, a Sys Internals App I installed in a search for "Display Control Panel".

Can anyone tell me how or why this would happen? It hasn't before, and I have installed Process Explorer on other machines before with no impact on this.