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    Windows ME and DOS

    Somewhere I read that it is possible to have the option "Restart in MS-DOS-mode" in windows ME by changing some settings in the registry. I do NOT know anymore where I found the solution. Can anyone help me and lead me to it...

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    Re: Windows ME and DOS

    I haven't heard of the Registry tweak, but there is a patch (unofficial, of course) that modifies, IO.sys and Regenv32.exe so you once more have the Restart in MS-DOS Mode option enabled. You'll find the patch here.

    Make sure you have backups before you give this a try as there are no guarantees. Of course, you could always use a boot disk -- preferably a Windows 98 one.

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    Re: Windows ME and DOS

    If you need real-mode DOS, you'd be best off using Windows 98SE. If you modify the plumbing for ME, you are running a serious risk of undermining your system's stability, and further you void yourself of any product support from Microsoft and/or the PC manufacturer.

    ME will run DOS applications from within a window without a hitch, but you cannot set any AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS parameters anymore. (I used to use these to run scandisk in real mode and to delete temp files, among other things.)

    Don't fear the loss of the real mode DOS prompt. It's a good thing, really - all future versions of Windows are going that direction, and although real mode startups can be a life saver, NT administrators have gotten by with much worse for along time.

    Happy DOS-ing!

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