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    Central Source for Woody Recommendations?

    OK - I know I'm cracked - part of the proof is I enjoy Woody's newsletters - I've even tried to edit and save the good ones that seem to have potential future value.

    Further proof of my sad state is I tend to take Woody's words directly to heart - if he says NO to SP7, I tend to just follow - life is too short to figure it all out for myself.

    What a shame there's always a "but..."

    But I don't like plowing through all theWoody e-zines to see if he has voted yay or nay on IE SP 6.1 (for example). My IE6 is corrupted enough that I want to re-install. It's also might be a good chance to try Opera 7.11 and Mozilla.

    My normal technique for finding & plowing through posts. Not very efficient, but it sort of worked. But now it doesn't because the search function is down.

    Is there any such repository? Or maybe something like "for you people installing or re-installing Windows, here's a list of versions & tweaks to apply to install..." Or maybe Woody would like to visit me for a day or two...

    Thanks - Doug

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    Re: Central Source for Woody Recommendations?

    AFAIK the exact kind of repository you are looking for doesn't exist, but if you click on the W*W link at the bottom of every Lounge Page, the WOW archives have a good search engine which has helped me find all kinds of stuff related to my issue.
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