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    Freeze Size Excel Embed (Word 2002 SR-2)

    Have created an Excel Spreadsheet and embedded it in a Word document for a Corporate Timesheet. Math capabilities etc. are really nice and offer many advantages over a table with math. This is a somewhat complex form with 3 or 4 other parts to it beyond the Excel spreadsheet.

    Problem is, users inadvertantly size the Excel Spreadsheet. Anyway to lock the size so it can't be changed?

    A second problem, is that users with the "wheel mouse" tend to scroll down when they don't need to. This skews the Excel Spreadsheet so only a portion of it displays.

    Would love to be able to freeze the Excel spreadsheet so it can't change in size and can't scroll so a portion of it is obscured.



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    Re: Freeze Size Excel Embed (Word 2002 SR-2)

    Hi Peg:
    If you link the Excel spreadsheet, rather than just embed it, then even if users change the size, it will reajust when it updates. I don't know how they inadvertantly change the size, unless you mean by dragging cell borders with a mouse. Would they be less likely to do so if you pasted it in a frame?

    As far as preventing it from scrolling, I don't see a way to prevent this...that's a feature that Word has. Actually, I'm not sure whether part of the width or length is obscured. Assuming the table is small enough to fit on a screen & be readable, perhaps you could have an AutoOpen macro in the document that switched the view to Page Width. You could use something like:

    Sub AutoOpen()
    ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Zoom.PageFit = wdPageFitBestFit
    End Sub

    Hope this helps,

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