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    Multiple forms open (access xp)

    In Access 97 when a form is opened from a main form, the latter seems to replace the former on the same window. In XP I noticed that both forms are opened in separate windows. Depending on the numbe of levels, one may have many forms windows opened. How can I get XP to behave the same way as Access97 so that no more than one window is opened to display the forms.

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    Re: Multiple forms open (access xp)

    What you see is mainly cosmetic: Microsoft decided to show each window opened by Access (or Word, Excel, ...) separately in the Windows task bar by default. If you don't like this, select Tools | Options..., and clear the Taskbar Icons check box in the View tab.

    Note: in Access 97, you probably opened multiple windows too, but you didn't see them in the task bar. If your forms are maximized within the Access application window, you see only one form at a time, but the Windows menu would show the list of open windows (unless you open a from as modal; then you can't get to other windows until you close it.)

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