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Thread: Server Space

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    Server Space

    Hi, I'm using Exchange 5.5 with a Windows NT Server. Due to the insufficient of space, I've deleted mails from some of the users account that utilizing huge harddisk space. After deleted those, I discovered that there's no increment in my harddisk space. Why is it so? Is there any functions that I've to execute in order to release the space. Thank you.

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    Re: Server Space

    You probably need to compact the information store. Exchange will optimize databases on its own, but to recover space you need to compact. Beginning with Exchange 5.5, the Information Store performs an online defragmentation that removes deleted items, frees up space within the database, and optimizes access. In Exchange 5.5, the utility to compact the store is ESEUTIL, which must be used offline.

    Hope that helps!

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