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Thread: Tweakui & Me

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    Tweakui & Me

    I am a long time Windows user but a new Me user. Has anyone used tweakui v 1.33 with Windows Me? ZDNet has it available and they show that it is compatable with 9x/NT/2000/Me.

    However the MS Knowledge Base says not to use tweakui with Me. I am a little hesitant about using it, and would like to hear from someone who has. I'd really like to get rid of those cute(?) little shortcut arrows, and some of the other Windows annoyances. Thanks.

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    Re: Tweakui & Me

    I've used it with no problems at all. Not all of the tweaks are the same as on W95 - ME seems to adapt it slightly - but you can get rid of the shortcut arrows and most of the worthwhile tweaks.

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    Re: Tweakui & Me

    Checkout <A target="_blank" HREF=> Tweakui from MS</A> notice that ME is a System requiremnt. You can download the MS copy at the above link.

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