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Thread: DB design (2k)

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    DB design (2k)

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    Hi again all,

    Here I go again trying to reinvent the wheel. As I'm so new at this, I'm learning little bits at a time going through this process, and I'm beginning to think I've got things set up incorrectly, so any advice would be helpful.

    Here's what I've got right now:

    5 main tables-Students, Classes, Faculty, Billing, Payment
    4 junction tables-StudentClasses, FacultyClasses, StudentBilling, StudentPayment

    I think I'm covered with the tables and relationships I've set up.

    I need a form in which to enter all the student info, the classes they are taking, the charge for the classes (2 classes are part of the registration fee they pay for the conference, but there is an optional class that costs an additional amount), and how they are paying. I want to create reports of total attendance, class lists by faculty member, class lists by students. There will be others as I go along, but this is what I need to accomplish now.

    After reading through <post#=255606>post 255606</post#>, I'm thinking maybe I should be querying. As it is right now, I've got one main form and two subforms and I don't like it. I would like it all on one form. Is it possible?? <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>

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    Re: DB design (2k)

    Since one student can take more than one class, it makes sense to display the classes taken by a student as a subform of the student form. If you were to create a query returning student and classes info, and baser a single form on this query, you're bound to experience weird behavior. Changes in one record would have repercussions in other records, and Access will probably complain that things have changed behind its back.

    How you organize your reports is a different story. Since reports only display data, without the possibility to edit them, you can create queries to display data the way you like to act as record source of reports.

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