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    dictionary changes from English to French (2000)

    I have a user with a 20 page document. Part way through spell checking it, the dictionary reference changes from English to French and it suggests all French spellings.
    There are some unusual names in the document - could that be prompting it to switch?
    Has anyone ever had this happen?
    What is the dictionary linked to? Is it linked to the document? to Word itself? possibly to the template she developed?

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    Re: dictionary changes from English to French (2000)

    I have Word 2002, I don't know if it's the same in Word 2000. In Tools | Language | Set Language..., there is an option "Automatically detect language". If this is checked, Word will automatically switch the language for spell checking. The unusual names may have looked like French to Word.
    Language is a property of the text - each bit of a document can have its own language setting (for instance, you could mark one word in an English sentence as French).

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