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    Junk/Adult Content Rules (2000 SR-1)

    I have noticed that in the Rules Wizard, when I click on the Junk E-mail Rule or the Adult Content Rule, it adds another "Junk Senders" or "Adult Content Senders", as appropriate, to the rule, so that it appears to be searching the same list over and over...i.e., "suspected to be junk e-mail or from 'Junk Senders or Junk Senders or Junk Senders'... What could be causing this? It apparently does not happen in Outlook 2002.
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    Re: Junk/Adult Content Rules (2000 SR-1)

    Strange, but true! I cancelled out so can't comment on whether it would repeatedly search the list. Didn't spot anything useful at MSKB. If they're aware of this bug, it probably isn't near the top of the priority list. It may just be cosmetic, but I'm still inclined to leave it alone, and pretend I never saw it.
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