Because I'm having email problems with Communicator 4.76 email (I can't send attachments because it says I have "insufficient disk space, which, btw is incorrect) I downloaded N-6 just to be able to use that email program when needed.
Now my question...
In 4.76 email I can go to the bar just below the "subject" line to format the email...bold, italic, etc. On this line in the drop down box I have a choice of most, if not all of the fonts on my system.
In N-6 email, the choices are only 4 primary fonts in the drop down box. I think they are Hevetica, Arial, Times and one other.
Does anyone know how to get all of my fonts into that drop down box?
Emailing Netscape doesn't help...they never answer.
Has anyone else had this problem or is it only me?